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Spiritseeker Application by jinuro Spiritseeker Application by jinuro
For :iconpokecat-warriors:

First cat I've ever drawn! :icongaspfaceplz:
And I think I got my sides wrong, but I've just always been bad about that... :iconsrapplz:
bwaaah I hope this is okay!


Name: Spiritseeker
Age: 20 moons
Gender: Male
Level: 22
Pokemon: Drifloon
Moves: Ominous Wind - He summons a repulsive air and sends it at the foe. Works better on groups.
Payback - Spiritseeker waits for the opponent to attack and uses their power against them.
Hypnosis - He uses a sort of telepathy to put the opponent to sleep.
Thunder Wave - He sends a lightning bolt to paralyze the enemy.
Clan: DarkClan

Personality: air head - He's very airy and distant, sort of aloof almost.
ditzy/ out there - He's a bit of a ditz and kinda dreamy, but he's smart and fast when it comes to fighting.
childish - He' s naive, even somewhat gullible.
shadow - Spiritseeker can act unnoticable. He can blend in with the crowd or stand out when he wants to, but prefers to be just another cat. He's very calm and isn't easily upset.

Family: Parents: Floatpetal and Driftshade (parents)

History: (Kithood) Born into Darkclan, his mother was disapointed by their single skinny kit. As soon as he could open his eyes, Spiritkit's mother attempted to claw his ugly eye (the one with the x) out. His father, Driftshade, came to his rescue and his mother was thrown out for trying to maim her own son. Spirtkit didn't even remember this, as his memory had been lost when he was scratched and thrown around. His father raised him without telling him about it and just saying it was a badger.

(Apprentice) He has never learned about his past. Spiritpaw didn't get along with the rough and tumble ways of the other apprentices so he was given a very harsh mentor to whip him into shape. This didn't have much effect on the air headed little cat, so he was still rather secluded into his warrior moons. He wasn't exposed to the true DarkClan ways of being the meanest clan, so he still believed his clan was kind and generous to others.

(Warrior) Finally promoted to warrior ranking because of much begging and a lot of hunting, Spiritseeker vowed to protect his clan. When he went out on his first patrol as a warrior with other warriors, he realized that his clan mates weren't all like him when they mercilessly attacked trespassers, killing 2 rogue cats. He's still a little stunned by the killing of other cats, and might hesitate to do so.

He steals things all the time. Only harmless things like prey though.
Afraid of badgers.
He has a high voice.
Very good hunter because he's so light.
When he gets scared, he starts to float a little bit. With that in mind, it's very hard for him to float otherwise, despite being a flying type.
He doesn't have much physical strength so he tries to use his opponent's attacks against them.

:bulletgreen: Knows
:bulletblue: Friends
:bulletpurple: Best friends
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletred: Mate
:bulletwhite: Family
:bulletblack: Dislike/Fear
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SacredLugia Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Daww, Ham! <3 Your cats are adorable, eep! Look at you, joining all these groups. ;p I tried reading Warriors but never got into it, so this is one group I sadly cannot join due to my lack of proper knowledge. uvu Anyhow, I really like the concept you had with the whole design! <3 I think his "bad eye" is freaking awesome, hehe! Wow, and I just read the history behind that and I feel bad now. :iconcry-plz: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.
Also I noticed his name changes like three times. :icondibwhatplz: Let me add that to reasons why Warriors is so confusing. If I had a cat in this group I'd probably have a medic or something. They had medics, right?
jinuro Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Daww, Sacred!
Nah ah. I totally am joining all these groups, how bad am I omg :iconnanakosobplz:
Oh you so bad. I have only read the first set, but I have the second one. I don't like the 'second generation' type of continuation book. Ugh.
Jajaja! Thank you Sacred! //crai
Pfft. He's fine. I mean. Yeah. He's good. Just scarred for life. :iconmingplz:
Yeahhhhhh! You're jelly.
SacredLugia Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And stuff you with jelly beans

I heard that from a lot of people, actually! I had IRL friends who were kinda done with the series after a certain point, though I think it came after the second set. Might've been the third or fourth. I heard they use magic now.
Shh you are welcome, my Ham. :iconshooshpapplz:
Oh I see what you did there! Dem puns. :iconohstopityouplz:
Yea I'd totes have that kind.
FreIek Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
wow... for a first drawn cat thats really good! Also, welcome to the group ^^
jinuro Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh thank you so much! <33 I have never drawn cats so I'm hoping to get some experience out of this!
Swiftblaze is super cute, love her design! : ^ )
FreIek Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Cats aren't that hard once you get into the swing of it.
Aw, thank-you! .u.
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